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Why Choose Carbide Dies, Plates and Rods?

Volfram karbid plitasi, Karbid novda

Carbide dies help in increasing productivity simply by reducing the cost and the downtime of replacement tooling. The carbide extruding type of dies have the ability of providing top quality finished product especially when the main concern is surface finish requirements and dimensional satisfaction. Specifically designed to increase productivity and minimize wear, carbide dies make one of the most excellent choices for die sets that need to be used extensively. These dies are known for providing satisfactory performance and they tend to last longer than their steel counterparts that come with a very short life span. The best thing about carbide dies is that they can last for a very long time even when they are used in the most extreme conditions.

A solid cemented Karbid novda is used for top quality carbide tools, like end mills, milling cutters, reamers and drills. Such rods can even be used for measuring stamping and cutting tools and in packaging, paper, non-ferrous processing and printing industries. These rods are not only used for drilling and cutting tools but even for different toll wore parts, structural materials and input needles. Speaking of Volfram karbid plitasi, these are specifically made to boost the wear resistance of different components and parts. These plates can be used for fully restoring the dimensions of different parts and components through welding overlay.

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