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Tungsten Carbide Gripper Dies For Making Nail
Tungsten Carbide Gripper Dies For Making Nail
Tungsten Carbide Gripper Dies For Making Nail
Tungsten Carbide Gripper Dies For Making Nail
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The Tungsten carbide gripper dies is for making nails in fasteners industries. Widely application to thoses fileds: Round nail, cement nail, shot nail, ordinary iron nail, corrugated nail, screw nail, hemp nail, dry wall nail, felt nail, floor nail, shoe nail, etc.

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The features of carbide punching dies● High impact toughness.
● Yiqilish va sindirish uchun esay emas.
● Yuqori aşınma qarshilik.
● Kuchli barqarorlik, uzoq ishlash muddati.

Tungsten carbide grade for punching dies
Grade Performance Application recommended
Density Qattiqlik Bend Strength
g/sm3 O'YIN N/mm2
YG11 14.4 88.5 2600 Forming or stamping dies for metal powders and nonmental powders.
YG15 14 87.5 2800 For fabricating drawing dies of steel tubesand rods under high
compressibility ratio;punching,stamping,forging tools under large stress.
YG20 13.5 85.5 3200 For fabricating of stamping dies for watch parts, spring plates of musical
instruments, battery jars,small sized steel balls,screws,screw caps.
YG16C 13.9 85.5 2900 Impact resistance, hot&forging dies etc.
YG18C 13.7 84.5 3100 Impact resistance forging dies,hot-press forging dies and rollers.
YG20C 13.5 83.5 3300 Dies for wear resistant or impact resistant application.
YG22C 13.3 83 3500 Nut forming dies and high impact resistance forging dies.
YG25C 13.1 82.5 3600 Stainless bolt header dies and rollers.

The carbide gripper dies we are available with blank inserts and brazed gripper dies with seel holder.● Blank tungsten carbide gripper die inserts drawing and photo● We also can make the dies as your drawing or size.

● Tungsten carbide gripper inserts brazed with steel holder

  • Delivery, shipping and serving● The delivery time is 7-15 days. ● Shipping support air, sea, express as demand. ● Service time is 24 hours.Packing and shipping
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