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  • Is tungsten steel a cemented carbide?

    A high quality alloy is an alloy material that has an extremely high hardness. It is composed of hard compounds made from refractory and bonding metals by powder metallurgy. Cemented carbide is known for its excellent properties, including high hardness, wear resistance and good strength and toughness. It also has high…
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  • What about Cemented Carbide Rods?

    Cemented carbide rods can also be referred to as tungsten carbide rods. Cemented carbide (or tungsten carbide) is a composite material consisting of a hard phase (refractory metal compound) and a bonded phase (bonded metal), produced by powder metallurgy. Cemented carbide rods are widely used for metal cutting and mechanical wear resistance.
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  • Itungsten Carbide Offer Premium Quality of Carbide Plate& Bars

    Tungsten Carbide Plate, Carbide Die, Carbide Strips Itungsten Carbide is engaged in manufacturing tungsten carbide bars and plates with superior raw material and advanced machines. Our tungsten carbide plates are made from the highest quality materials that offer endurance, and high performance over the years. Our plate is one of…
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  • Know about the Uses of Cemented carbide

    Carbide bar, Carbide Rod, cemented carbide Cemented carbide is known to be the most successful and highly used composite engineering material to be ever produced. It is produced using a combination of two materials: cobalt powder and tungsten carbide. The combination of these two materials is used to manufacture wear-resistant…
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