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  • Everything about Cemented Carbide

    Volfram karbid, Cemented Carbide Cemented Carbide is a very hard metal. The hardness of this metal is more than that of stainless steel and iron and it is just second to diamond in its hardness. Also, cemented carbide is as heavy as iron and weighs the same as gold. It…
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  • Why Choose Carbide Dies, Plates and Rods?

    Volfram karbid plitasi, Carbide rod Carbide dies help in increasing productivity simply by reducing the cost and the downtime of replacement tooling. The carbide extruding type of dies have the ability of providing top quality finished product especially when the main concern is surface finish requirements and dimensional satisfaction. Specifically…
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  • The Applications of Tungsten Carbide Strips and Bars

    Volfram karbid chiziqlari, Carbide strips Tungsten carbide strips and bars are also called rectangular tungsten carbide rods or flats produced with the use of powder mixture, spray tower drying, ball milling, drying, extruding, sintering and then final inspection. Once the final inspection of these bars and strips is done, they…
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  • iTunsten Carbide Offer Advance Range of Tungsten carbide

    Cemented carbide, Carbide Strips, Tungsten carbide iTunsten Carbide is a leading company providing tungsten carbide manufacturing. We have advanced research and development facilities to manufacture tungsten carbide's acceptable range. The professional team is always working for the company's growth and advanced manufacturing. Currently, we are leading the manufacturing industry: Advance…
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