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  • High Quality Tungsten Carbide Flat Strips And Bars For Purchase In China

    Tungsten carbide flat strip is a kind of metal material made of tungsten carbide and cobalt powder by powder metallurgy.   This material is hard and strong, much harder than steel or iron, second only to diamond, even at high temperatures.   The main production processes of tungsten carbide flat strip are…
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  • High Quality Solid Carbide Rods Blanks For Sale

    Solid carbide rods blank is a very hard metal material, much harder than steel or iron, second only to diamond. In terms of density, it is as dense as iron and almost the same weight as gold.   This material is hard and has excellent strength even at high temperatures. Generally used for…
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  • Best ways to find a tungsten carbide supplier

    Tungsten Carbide Strips, Tungsten Carbide Bar Finding Tungsten carbide strips supplier is not a big deal especially if you know the right ways to find them. Since tungsten carbide has become a preferred choice and its demand has continued to grow, it’s imperative to find a reliable supplier. Here mentioned…
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  • Difference between Tungsten and Tungsten Carbide rods?

    Carbide rod, Tungsten carbide rods, Tungsten is known as the element which is described by the symbol W. Tungsten Carbide rod known as an inorganic compound made from the same. The material has a higher strength with extreme rigidity and durability. The composition of different metals is more rigid and…
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