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Carbide bars

  • Quick Suggestions To Get Tungsten Carbide Rod Manufacturer

    Tungsten Carbide Button, Tungsten Carbide Strips Tungsten carbide is great materials because that can take impacts and is resistant to temperature and pressure, it hugely used in various industries such as metal works and drilling, you have to get these inserts rods and bars for your needs. People looking for…
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  • Uses of tungsten carbide

    Uses of tungsten carbide 1. It is widely used as high-speed cutting tools, kiln structure materials, jet engine parts, cermet materials, resistance heating elements, etc. 2. Used to manufacture cutting tools, wear-resistant parts, melting crucibles for metals such as copper, cobalt, and bismuth, and wear-resistant semiconductor films. 3. Used as…
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  • Make your choice perfect buying quality Tungsten carbide bar

    Strong carbide rods are generally utilized for making the high quality and strong carbide tools that are used in mills, drills, milling cutter or reamers. It can likewise be utilized for stamping, cutting, and measuring tools. It is utilized in the paper, printing, packaging, and processing of non-ferrous metal. Tungsten…
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    1. Tungsten Carbide are principally made through the Powder Metallurgy process, whereby the powdered types of tungsten carbide and cobalt are blended utilizing ball processes, a cover material is added to hold the powders together during the following phase of the cycle which is compaction or squeezing. 2. During the…
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