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  • Tungsten Carbide Nail Die Cutters
    The features of carbide nail dies● High impact toughness. ● Not esay to collapse and break. ● High wear reisistance. ● Strong stability, long working life.The common size available of carbide nail dies Type Gernaral size(mm) A B S H h c BT-01 13 16 5.7 10~20 2 75 BT-02…
  • Tungsten Carbide Gripper Dies For Making Nail
    The features of carbide punching dies● High impact toughness. ● Not esay to collapse and break. ● High wear resistance. ● Strong stability, long working life. Tungsten carbide grade for punching dies Grade Performance Application recommended Density Hardness Bend Strength g/cm3 HRA N/mm2 YG11 14.4 88.5 2600 Forming or…
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Tungsten carbide,Cemented carbide

Tungsten carbide can be called a "hard metal" because of its high hardness. Tungsten carbide carbide typically has a hardness of 1600 HV. Mild steel, however, has a hardness of 160 HV. This is 10 times less.

While tungsten carbide is often referred to as a "hard metal", it is actually a composite material that contains hard particles of tungsten carbonide embedded in a soft metallic cobalt matrix.

What is the chemical carbide of tungsten carbide

The chemical carbide to tungsten carbide (WC) is WC.

What's the history of tungsten carbide or hard metal?

Tungsten carbide first appeared in Germany in 1920. It was developed to withstand the wear and tear of drawing tungsten wire for light bulb.

How is Cemented Carbide and Tungsten Carbide produced?

Cemented carbide can be produced using a powder-metallurgical process. In this process, tungsten carbide (and cobalt) are combined in powder form by a ball mill. A binder material is then added to the powder to keep it together during the next stage of production (compaction or compression).

A hydraulic press or an isostatic press are used to compact the powder into a form that is similar to the final design.

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