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Carbide Heading Dies


  • Tungsten Carbide Cold Heading Dies For Bolt And Nut
    The features of carbide dies● High wear resistance ● High hardness and impact toughness ● Long working lifeOur carbide dies advantages● 100% virgin raw material ● Advanced production equipments and testing equipments ● Stable and reliable quality ● Various of size and types ● Blank or precision finished Tungsten carbide…
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Carbide Heading Dies

Tungsten Carbide Heading Die
ZZBETTER company produces as-sintered tungsten carbide die inserts and blanks for use in hot and cold heading die tooling and forming tool applications. Carbide inserts are made to order and can be supplied in different tungsten carbide material grades with up to a 25% Cobalt binder to meet our customers’ specific requirements to produce numerous bolts, screws, and special fixings, in a variety of materials. We produce the carbide die inserts and blanks in the as-sintered condition with the specific overall dimensions and special features our customers request ready for them to produce finished ground tooling. We also offer grinding service for outer diameter, inner hole, and height, which is ready-to-use for the final die makers.

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