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    2.Product Specification of the Carbide Chisel Bits Type Dimension (mm) L H S R r r1 Dim. Dim Dim K1013 13 10 4 40 8 0.5-1.0 K1016 16 12 6 30 8 K1020 20 12 6 40 10 K1026 26 12 6 50 13 K030 30 15 8 80 15…
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What is tungsten caride?

Tungsten, a hard metal element, is combined with carbon to create a metal alloy called "tungsten carbide". Carbon can be compressed to be used in industrial machinery, tools, and abrasives, even though it is in its most basic form.

It is also versatile and can be used to create a variety of properties. This is why more people choose this material over steel.

What are the uses for tungsten carbide

Its popularity grows with its use.

Drilling and cutting tools


Equipment for mining

Aerospace products

Horseshoe pins

Necklaces and rings are examples of jewelry.

Sport equipment such as skis, hiking sticks and bicycle spikes

Equipment for aviation, automotive, and shipbuilding

Construction and agricultural machinery

Equipment for scientific, medical and laboratory purposes

Items such as razor blades and light bulb filaments can be used in your home.

What are the benefits of tungsten carbide?

It is also more durable than HSS (High Speed Steel), which means it can wear less and be used to cut tougher materials.

It is extremely durable

It is extremely scratch-resistant

Because it is heat-controlled, it can be adjusted to make it as hard or soft as you like.

It will maintain its hardness even at extremely high temperatures. HSS, on the other hand, will melt at high temperatures and cause it to lose its performance.

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