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High Quality Tungsten Carbide Flat Strips And Bars For Purchase In China

Tungsten carbide flat strip is a kind of metal material made of tungsten carbide and cobalt powder by powder metallurgy.


This material is hard and strong, much harder than steel or iron, second only to diamond, even at high temperatures.


The main production processes of tungsten carbide flat strip are grinding, ball milling, pressing and sintering.


Tungsten carbide flat strips are widely used in woodworking, refractory alloy, stainless steel, high manganese steel processing, cast iron, non-ferrous metals, aluminum and other processing fields. They are usually cut and ground into various sizes of tools.


Zhuzhou Better Tungsten Carbide Co., LTD is a professional manufacturer and supplier of tungsten carbide flat strips. We provide best cemented carbide strips and bars with high quality raw materials and advanced equipment.


Better’s tungsten carbide flat strips can be used in tools and materials for a variety of applications, and the price is more competitive than any other factory.


  • Advantages Of Buying Better’sTungsten Carbide Flat Strips:
  1. Better’stungsten carbide flat stripsand bars are easy to braze and has good applicability;
  2. Better’s tungsten carbide flat stripsand bars havegood wear resistance and toughness;
  3. Better’stungsten carbide flat strips and bars are made of ultra-fine grain materials with excellent strength and hardness;
  4. Better’stungsten carbide flat strips and barshave stable internal quality and high precision of external dimension;
  5. Better’stungsten carbide flat strips and bars are available in standard and custom sizes.


Better produces tungsten carbide flat strips of various sizes and grades to meet your needs. Our tungsten carbide flat strips and bars have high wear resistance and high impact, and are also used in drills, end mills and reamers.


All Better’s tungsten carbide flat strips are made of advanced materials. In addition, we provide OEM service to manufacture special wear parts according to customers’ specifications.


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