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Itungsten Carbide Offer Premium Quality of Carbide Plate& Bars

Tungsten Carbide Plate, Carbide Die, Carbide Strips

Itungsten Carbide is engaged in manufacturing tungsten carbide bars and plates with superior raw material and advanced machines. Our tungsten carbide plates are made from the highest quality materials that offer endurance, and high performance over the years. Our plate is one of the many materials of tungsten steel, which is made by metallurgical methods such as pulverizing.

Tungsten Carbide Plate has its own properties: fine grain structure, high wear resistance, high polishing property, high hardness and high corrosion. With a strong commitment to provide our customers with the best quality products. We constantly strive to assess the individual preferences of each of our clients and then provide them with optimal solutions. In order to ensure their maximum satisfaction, all our procedures and business policies are carried out in accordance with the requirements of our clients and this way, we have built up a broad customer base.

Carbide Dies can provide higher quality finished product in regard to dimensional satisfaction and surface finish requirements. The dies are the foremost choice in drawing equipment of wire-industry when an economical option is desired over better wear resistance. These dies are used mostly in drawing steel wires or where tolerance die and wire surface finish is not as important. The die has recognized as a well-established organization engaged in manufacturing and exporting a comprehensive assortment of Industrial Dies.

Carbide Strips are widely used in manufacturing woodworking blades, stamping dies, wear parts, etc. Our strips are mainly made from wolfram carbide and cobalt powder by powder metallurgy methods. Our carbide strips are a sintered metallurgical product of powder form. The strips have excellent long been rigid, high hardness, good wear resistance, high elastic modulus, high compressive strength and good chemical stability. We are instrumental in offering a quality range of tungsten carbide strips.