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  • Carbide Coal Cutter Buttons

    Product Specification of the Carbide Coal Cutter Buttons TYPE D d H h R₁ R₂ αº MG1931 18.9 12.0 31.0 2.2 1.5 80 60 MG2230 22.0 14.0 30.0 4.0 1.5 100 90 Product feature and application of the Carbide Coal Cutter Buttons Category Co% Density (g/cm³) Hardness (HRA) TRS (Mpa)
  • Tungsten Carbide Drawing Dies With Steel Case

    The advanges of our drawing dies● Varius of size and type and can make as clients’ need; ● Delivery time is fast; ● Strictly quality control; ● Production experienced.The grade for drawing nibs Grade Density(g/cm3) Hardness( HRA) TRS(MPa) YG6 14.90 >90.5 >1860 YG6X 14.90 >91.7 >1800 YG8 14.80 >89.5 >2400
  • Carbide HPGR Studs With Flat Head

    Product Grade of the Carbide HPGR Studs With Flat Head Type ØD H R Chamfer (E×R) SPF01 16 25 2.5 1.5×45° SPF02 16 30 2.5 1.5×45° SPF03 16 35 2.5 1.5×45° SPF04 16 40 2.5 1.5×45° SPF03 16 45 2.5 1.5×45° 3.Product feature and application of the Carbide HPGR Studs…
  • Tungsten Carbide Chisel Bits

    2.Product Specification of the Carbide Chisel Bits Type Dimension (mm) L H S R r r1 Dim. Dim Dim K1013 13 10 4 40 8 0.5-1.0 K1016 16 12 6 30 8 K1020 20 12 6 40 10 K1026 26 12 6 50 13 K030 30 15 8 80 15
  • Tungsten Carbide STB Strips In USA Standard

    The advantage of our carbide strips ● Easy to brazed, good wear resistance and toughness ● Fine grain size and raw material to keep excellent strength and hardness ● Both standard size and customizes size are available. The STB strips common grade Grade ISO code Hardness(HRA) TRS(Mpa) C1 K10 91.5…
  • Extruded Tungsten Carbide Strips With Bevel Angles In High Quality

    Product Name Extruded tungsten carbide strips with bevel angles in high quality Material WC + CO Grade K10, K20 Grain Size Medium, Fine, Ultrafine and Corase Technology Extruded or Pressed Surface Blank or Ground Application Used for making solid wood or metal processing Grades and Performance of Extruded tungsten carbide strips with bevel…
  • K10 K20 Tungsten Carbide Strips And Bars In Stock

    Grades and Performance of tungsten carbide strips and bars ZZBT Grade ISO Grade Density (g/cm3) Hardness (HRA) T.R.S (MPα) Grain Size Performance & Application Recommended UBT910 K20 14.6-15.0 90~90.5 2200~2400 Medium High hardness, suitable for roughing of iron, solid wood, dry wood or nonferrous metal, ceramic and other alloys. UBT40S…
  • High Quality Tungsten Carbide Rods With Two Helix Holes For Making Drills

    Product Name High quality Tungsten carbide rods with two helix holes for making drills Material WC + CO Grade K05-K10, K20-K40 Grain Size Ultra Fine Hardness 92 HRA, 92.3HRA T.R.S 3000 MPa, 3800 MPa Surface Blank or Ground Application Used for making drills with two helical holes Grade properties of High quality Tungsten…
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